The Racket Stack


Next open – X-Mess Market – 2/3 December – 12-22h

Confirmed stands so far are Audiotrix Records, Czentrifuga Screenprints, Datacide, Shamanika, Suicider, Ugly Funk, 11mvision and more ! Refreshments will be available !!!!

There will also be an exhibition in the Kopfüber Bunker and a bigger market in the Circus Mondo tent offering many treats including: Vegan Mexican Food, Arts, Krafts, calendars, cards and much much more ……

Or if you’re not into the shopping experience just join us for a drink and a laugh.


Due to gentrification our container space has been forced to move from it’s former home on Concrete Island Kreuzberg, to a new space @ 80 Griefswalder str (Berlin)

If you take the Ringbahn on the north side of the city you can see our new home from the train inbetween the stations of Griefswalderstr and Prenzlauer allee.

Now operating under the name of “The Racket Stack” we’ll be joining with the combined forces of The Wild Waste Gallery, One Love Machine Band, Bastiaan Maris, Czentrifuga, Kollage Kollektiv, Singing Kitchen, Jonny Knüppel, Senor Depressivo and many others, for regular events.

Past Events:

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